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What a pain in the... back?

What a pain in the... back?

or perhaps... what the sciatica?!

⚕️We’ve got another clinical topic this week! This time compliments of Dr. Ashley Mak and the Fix Your Sciatica Podcast.

I’ve heard your question! And I’ve got answers for you.

You know the question…

What the heck are they going to do TO me (or FOR me) in the Emergency Department?!

(You didn’t ask? Well if you didn’t, trust me when I say that many of your peers have!)

Visits to the ER for back pain, glute pain, +/- sciatica are exceedingly common.

In today’s podcast episode, I’ll give you some crystal-clear guidance on what will definitely happen at your visit, what definitely won’t and what is on the list of possibilities.

You’ll learn…

  • The true riddle the emergency providers are looking to solve (hint - is it life or limb threatening?)

  • A few of the scary, red-flag symptoms are that could land you in the hospital (or in surgery)

  • What the general process of an ER visit for back pain looks like.

  • What you should do to prepare.

  • What the most likely outcome of your visit will be.

  • THE piece of information that you should never leave the ER without understanding.

… and hopefully a few more things!

So, go ahead and take your brilliant, health-conscious self over to today’s episode and get into “let me elevate my health literacy so I can advocate for myself and my tribe mode”

Hopefully, you’ll walk away (pun intended 😉) with a better understanding of what to expect from the medical system on your visit to the ER and maybe even some tips that could hopefully help you stay feeling well and OUT of the ER next time!


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